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 Welcome everyone!  If you aren’t already familiar with us as a company, we are a small family owned and operated business. We were originally founded by James Thomas Evans Sr. in 1968.  The industry has been through significant changes since those early days rebuilding a Piper Cub or Cessna 120.  The original JT Evans (my grandfather) was a brilliant man who gained a reputation as a shrewd yet fair dealer as well as a top notch aircraft mechanic.  Around 1977 JT Evans Jr. joined his father in the business.  JT Jr. (Jim Evans) coming from an automotive background found it a natural transition into aircraft with his father as his mentor for the next 3 years until 1980 when JT Sr. passed away due to a losing bout with cancer.  At that point Jim took on a business partner in the person of James Michael (Mike) Kelly.  This was a great duo working together as close as the closest brothers.  They were still buying wrecked aircraft and bringing them back to life putting them back in the air where they belong.  To be continued…


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